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WC Security is the only company in the central plateau that are able to offer a great phone app to take control of your security, ABSOLUTELY FREE. Here’s why you want it...

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Alarms & Monitoring

“Without it, no one will respond!”

Many recent studies prove that more than 2 out of 3 house alarms that aren’t monitored go without response. It is also true that as many as 85% of car alarms are ignored.

We are so used to hearing alarms we just switch off to them, think it’s not my problem, or it’s probably just a false alarm anyway. Maybe it is a false alarm but we often don’t even check because the truth is we don’t want to get involved, right?

With a monitored alarm with WC you will get a response if you are home or not. From as little as $1 per day, it’s worth it to protect your family and property, isn’t it?

What is alarm monitoring?

Simple really, your alarm is connected through a phone line, mobile connection (GPRS) or the internet to a response centre. So when your alarm is set off the response centre is alerted. You will then be contacted to verify the emergency and the correct emergency service will be sent immediately.

If a smoke or heat detector is set off the fire brigade are sent; if a panic button is pushed a guard will be sent; if a medical button is activated the ambulance will be there in minutes and if it’s unknown we will send a fully trained security guard to access the situation to ensure your property is secure.

You can also tailor the response you want. For example if you have a medical condition which can be life threatening you can arrange to have an ambulance send immediately if the panic button is pushed.

WC Security Alarms and Monitoring we are proud to be in partnership with Alarm Watch who are NZ owned and operated. We chose Alarm Watch to monitor all our clients as they provide a first class professional service, using the latest technology. Their response times to call outs are industry leading. Their dynamic approach to innovations and keeping up with the latest alarm trends allow us to provide you with the simplest most effective improvements to make your alarm system seamless. So you can Lock it, Set it, and Forget it. You are in good hands - we know that if you are thinking about your alarm we are not doing our job.

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