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Frequently Asked Questions About Alarms and Monitoring

Do I really need an alarm?

Ask yourself the following questions. If you answer yes to one or more of these, that is a strong indication that you need a monitored alarm...

Do you or any of your family members feel vulnerable or scared in your home?

Do you have goods of high value that would be disastrous if lost or damaged?

Do you ever feel like your property is at risk?

Would you like to know that if something does happen someone will react appropriately?

Are you or your family members ever home alone?

Are you unwell and sometimes immobilised in anyway?

A monitored alarm gives you piece of mind that if the worst happens that you will get the correct response from the Police, Fire Brigade or Ambulance services in an Emergency.

P.S. All our monitored alarms include Panic Buttons which means if in trouble you can alert the authorities with one push of a button on your alarm or key fob.

Do I really need my alarm monitored? My neighbours are nice and said they will look after my place.

Well that may be true but you can’t ask your neighbours to be around 24/7 to look after your house and how willing are they at dealing with an intruder? When a monitored alarm set off a trained professional guard will be sent to deal with the situation.

I have a medical condition that means I need help quickly at times. Can a monitored alarm system help with that?

If you push your panic button on your alarm panel or key fob an Ambulance will be despatched immediately to assist you.

I am worried about my families safety in case of a fire. Can my system help in that area?

Of course we recommend that all monitored systems be fitted with smoke and heat detectors. If these are triggered the fire brigade will be despatched to you immediately. Because it is the fire protection part of the system it knows to send the fire department. It is proven that in 80% of fire deaths the victim didn’t wake up. As your sense of smell shuts down in many cases help will be on its way before you are aware of the fire.

What happens if I am attacked or challenged entering or outside my home?

You can activate the alarm from anywhere on your property using your key fob and help will be sent to you straight away even if your alarm hasn’t been set off by the intruder.

What if I hide because I hear noises?

From your key fob you can send a signal to alert the monitoring station that you need help! You can keep your key fob by your bed at night or somewhere safe you can access it quickly in an emergency.

How much will all this cost?

We have alarm systems to suit all private and business needs and budget. You can purchase a system outright or we offer competitive finance options with major lenders. We can install a monitored alarm system from as little as $2 per day.
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How long does it take to install?

From confirmation of your purchase and your finance approval (if applicable) we will contact you within 48 hours to schedule your install which is within 7 days in most cases.

What if my alarm stops working or has a problem?

WC Security will contact you every 12 months to schedule your alarm service which eliminates a majority of problems however should you have a fault we will be in touch to rectify it within 48 hours, always.

If I am moving or selling my home or business can I take my alarm with me?

Sure in many case with the new wireless system that is very simple do. With hard wired systems it is best to leave them behind and install a new one in your new residence. If this is the case in most cases we can have you up and running with a new system straight away.

I hate contracts; do you ask people to sign up for long periods of time?

We believe in giving you, our customers control and therefore, we do not insist that you are signed up to long term contracts for our alarm monitoring. We understand that you need to be flexible if your circumstances change.

From our clients...

"WC Security came to our home and was able to work with our existing system. He was professional, fast, accurate and most importantly honest. I would recommend this company to anyone. If you have been looking for a security company, look no further!"


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